Advertising space is available in the next issue of The Shot Peener magazine. If you are interested in advertising, download our ad contract or send an email to moc.e1544585384nizag1544585384amren1544585384eepto1544585384hseht1544585384@ofni1544585384. The following are deadlines for ad materials and contracts:
Winter Issue (January) – November 15
Spring Issue (April) – February 15
Summer Issue (July) – April 15
Fall Issue (October) – August 15

Design Services
Do you need an ad designed for you? Creative services are available, at very reasonable rates, from our advertising agency InfoProse. Please contact Kathy Levy at moc.o1544585384ohay@1544585384esorp1544585384.ofni1544585384 for more information.

The ad is definitely effective. I had a visit last week from a potential customer with a follow-up tomorrow. I asked where he had heard of us and he pulled out The Shot Peener ad. NICE!

—Molded Masking Manager
Quality Engineering Services

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We look forward to supporting your marketing program – join our list our advertisers in the next issue of The Shot Peener. Download our media kit with an ad contract here.