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Thanks Kathy and Jack for providing the shot peening and shot blasting industry with The Shot Peener Magazine filled with sharp technological insights and inspiring industry news, along with a global reach. This is the one and only genuine professional magazine in our industry without
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The Shot Peener Magazine is mercifully focused on sharing and enhancing technology, triggering constructive debates, enlightening the readers. This is precisely why production supervisors, process engineers, quality managers, chief buyers or other senior decision-makers definitely READ The Shot Peener Magazine. The entire shot peening and shot blasting industry owes you a debt of gratitude.

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Recent News
  • Kelly McClurg Receives 2019 Shot Peener of the Year Award

    “Kelly is a rising star in our industry that deserves recognition for all she has already accomplished. Her work in Ultrasonic Shot Peening has helped establish it as a viable tool in aviation repair and maintenance," said Jack Champaigne. Mr. Champaigne is the editor of The Shot Peener magazine.