Shot Peener of the Year Award

Since 1992, The Shot Peener magazine has given The Shot Peener of the Year award to individuals in our industry that have made significant contributions to the advancement of shot peening. We’ve listed the year of the award, the recipient, and their place of employment at the time they received the award.

2020 Dave Barkley EI Shot Peening Training
2019 Kelly McClurg Bell Textron Inc.
2018 Yuji Kobayashi Sintokogio
2017 Dominic Cimino Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies
2016 Colin McGrory Sandwell UK
2015 Sylvain Forgues Shockform
2014 Mike Wern Engineered Abrasives
2013 Scott Hatfield Medtronic Spinal
2012 Hali Diep Boeing Research and Technology
2011 James Kernan U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center
2010 Herb Tobben Clemco Industries
2009 Michelle Bandini Peen Service
2008 Holger Polanetzki MTU Aero Engines
2007 Ken l’Anson Progressive Technologies
2006 Kumar Balan
Dr. John Cammett
Wheelabrator Group, Burlington, Ontario
Materials Engineeering Division, Naval Aviation Depot, Cherry Point, NC
2005 Marsha Tufft
Prof. Dr. -Ing. Helmut Wohlfahrt
GE Aircraft Engines
Technical University of Braunschweig
2004 Walter Beach
Dr. Eng. Katsuji Tosha
Peening Technologies of Connecticut
Meiji University
2003 Paul Prevey
Dr. Niku-Lari
Lambda Research
IITT International
2002 David Francis
Shaker Meguid
Metal Improvement Company
University of Toronto
2001 Dr. David Kirk
Dale Lombardo
Bill Miller
Coventry University, U.K.
GE Aircraft Engines
The Boeing Company
2000 Jonathan Clarke
Prof. Lothar Wagner
Delta Air Lines
Technical University of Brandenburg
1999 Andrew Levers British Aerospace Airbus
1998 Dipl. Phys. Wolfgang Linnemann Kugelstrahlzentrum Aachen
1997 Dr. Ing. R. Kopp Institute Metal Forming of RWTH
1996 Dr. M.C. Sharma Maulana Azad College of Technology
1995 Dr. Kisuke Iida Meiji University
1994 Charlie Barrett Metal Improvement Company
1993 Pete Bailey
Bob Thompson
Jim Whalen
GE Aircraft Engines
GE Aircraft Engines
GE Aircraft Engines
1992 Charlie Mason Menasco Aerospace Ltd.
Recent News
  • Dave Barkley is the 2020 Shot Peener of the Year

    Dave’s extraordinary efforts to maintain a training program during the pandemic and his dedication to refining and expanding training for the shot peening and blast cleaning industries have earned him the “Shot Peener of the Year” award.